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Peer-support in the Capital Region” ran from 2015-2018 as  a project funded by the Danish goverment and managed by The National Board of Social Services. The aim of the project was to implement and evaluate peer-support workers in the regional mental health services and community services.

The project was organized as a partnership between the regional mental health care in the Capital Region, three municipalities in the region, a consumer and carer organization and an NGO.

The project ended with a nation-wide evaluation by the The National Board of Social Services. This project independently produced a range of evaluations focused on:

  • Implementation of peer-support, and as a part of this training of peer-support workers and staff
  • Outcomes for revievers and givers of peer-support
  • Outcomes for organisations, collegues i.e.
  • Differences and overlaps between payed and volounteer peer-support
  • Establishing and benefitting from cross-sector partnerships

This is a video from the 8th Together Against Stigma Conference 2017, where the project manager is interviewed about peer-support:

For questions regarding the project, please contact:

Klavs Serup Rasmussen, former project manager, Peer-support in the Capital Region or on LinkedIn